Detroit Used Tires

Reserving Tires then pick up & install at store
Search, Pick, Reserve: Same as Cars, Hotels, & Concerts

Used Tires are an immediate need. When you break down, time matters. Enjoy the convenience of online reservations.
When reserving a hotel, car, airplane ticket or ticket to a concert, it's much the same process. For used tires shown here, just pick what you like and then go to that store. The store has already gotten the same confirmation message and will help you through the installation with final step of payment.

Let us know your feedback. Stores that join the listing have helped their customers ride more safely.

Why choose us

1. Safe Driving is the only way

What was that pop? The tire, somewhere just hit something in the road. Immediatly, pulling over when it's safe tells you the tire is leaking air now. Hear the hiss! Quickly googling used tire search, you arrive here and learn about reserving a tire. It's quick and get an immediate reply that the tire is waiting. Tire stores also get this message, so they're expecting you and can put it on with expert tire technicians. Time is safety No more hissing

2. Used tires are the smart alternative to new when your car has 200k miles

A licensed used tire dealer wonít deal with unsafe or high mileage tires they canít ethically sell to their customers. You wonít purchase a used tire from a registered used tire dealer that hasnít been inspected for visual indications it is not safe.
In addition to a more affordable option for everyday use, used tires are also a fiscally-sound option for tires needed in a pinch. When you are on a lease turn-in and go to turn in the vehicle, for example, they will charge you through the roof for tires worn beyond regular use. Buying a used set, saving you up to 75%, is a quick and fiscal way to save. Or if you have a tire puncture and want to complete your matching set, especially on newer tires, used tire yards are your best bet.

3. Used Tires work for Commercial Drivers

Are you a courier, Pizza Delivery Driver, operate a shuttle service, or a Lyft / Uber driver?

When paying out of your own pocket, used tires make sense when done the right way. Keep that high mileage car running well and without breaking your wallet. May used tires have 80% or more tread life on them. That could be 50K miles! Save even $500 buying a used tire set to a comparable new set. Good browsing saves!

Discount Tire Pro software empowers tire stores to help their customers find tires exactly when they need it. When there's a breakdown, getting a quality used tire fast matters. The reservation system helps & there's so much more.

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