• We've been in business for 20 years selling tires and it's family run. Our sales have been up the past 2 months. One surprising part is how it's changed the way we sell tires when people walk in. Now, we look at our inventory on the phone and then go to those particular tires and see each one individually. Gone is the 20 minutes of browsing through tires with one customer and keeping another waiting. Best decision.

    Facebook has been our onile way of reaching customers. Keep talking with and developing relationships there. Have gotten several 5 Star facebook reviews already since adding that option there. I'm learning a lot.

  • One feature about Discount Tire Pro I hadn't expected was the cost tracking. Have been able to identify which tires specifically weren't selling well and sell off tires that didn't sell well. It's a totally different level of organization. Thrilled

    Discount Tire Pro was the right choice for our store. It's helped us show the tires to our customers in a more accurate way. Buyers are happy getting what they want quicker & being able to pick their tire as soon as they get a hole or nail in it.

  • When we first signed up for this service, I was enthusiastic but skeptical. Our customers have really enjoyed the convenience of the reservations. Many have said they would tell their friends about us now. More than expected, very pleased.

    Discount Tire Pro does do the reservation system upfront. There's a lot more to it than that. Our store has gotten far more organized using it & it's saved hours of time every day.

Drive safe now How it works

Check store reviews

There may be dozens of shops nearby. Pick and choose by reputation plus one that you can get to safely if your tire condition is dangerous

Find a tire

Double check your tire's size on it's sidewall. Pick that size from dropdown menu & search. Make an informed decision while time is short

Hold it & Pickup

Tell the store that you've chosen their tire and want to see it when you arrive. Look for a confirmation email and offer that reference at pickup

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Discount Tire Pro software empowers tire stores to help their customers find tires exactly when they need it. When there's a breakdown, getting a quality used tire fast matters. The reservation system helps & there's so much more.

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